How to create a content theme (legacy custom pages)

Use a content theme to pick the brand styles for your Account > Custom Pages. You'll apply a content theme when you're building out your custom page.


How to create a new content theme


1. Go to Email > Content Theme.



2. Click Create a New Theme.



3. Give your theme a brief name, then click Continue.



4. Start customizing your Content Theme...

  • Hover over any of the pre-existing styles Names and select Edit. This will give options for customizing the style as needed.
  • Or click Add a New Style to create new ones.
  • In Defaults you can use drop-downs to customize your Font and Font Size; customize Font highlights with the color picker square; as well as customizing your link preference (checking the box will underline any links).
  • As you start making edits to your theme you'll see a "Live Preview" update in real time in the right column.



5. Save your new theme.

Your content theme will be automatically added to the library.




Editing existing content themes


If you realize you need to make an edit to an existing content theme it is possible to edit it.


1. In the Content theme section hover over an existing theme and select View/Edit.



2. Follow steps 3 through 4 above to edit Content Theme elements.




Deleting content themes


You might want to clean up a but in your content themes section, if you need to delete any themes you can do that following these steps. It's best to check in with the rest of your team first to make sure the theme is no longer needed.


1. In the Content Theme section select the themes you'd like to delete.

To do this click the check-boxes on the right-hand side.



2. Select "Delete" from the Actions drop-down.


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