Content themes and background themes for custom pages

In June 2021, we launched a new way to create custom pages. The content themes and background themes described in this article are not used by the new feature. Learn more



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How to create a content theme

How to create a background theme


Set up a content theme to adjust the text color and styles for your Account > Custom Pages. Set up a background theme for the background colors. You’ll apply these themes when you’re building out your custom pages.



Create a content theme


1. Go to the Account section


2. Under Custom Pages, click on your Subscribe Pages, Unsubscribe Pages, or Forward Pages


3. On the right side, next to Content Theme, select View All


4. Select Create a new theme



5. Start customizing your Content Theme...

  • Set Defaults to cover most styles
  • Hover over any of the shown style Names and select Edit to further customize a style
  • Click Add a New Style, if needed
  • As you make edits, you’ll see a live preview in the right column


6. Click Save.

Your content theme will be automatically added to the library.



Create a background theme


1. In the Account section, click on Subscribe Pages, Unsubscribe Pages, or Forward Pages


2. On the right side, next to Background Theme, select View All


3. Select Create a new theme



4. Select the layout you are creating the theme for, e.g., WordFly Subscribe Form. Give it a brief name, then click Continue.

Note: You can apply the same background theme to any of your Subscribe, Unsubscribe, or Forward pages.


5. In the right column, click on each background name to customize it.

After you click on the background name, use the color picker to select a color for that area. When you’re done applying a color to each one, click Save to add your theme to the library.