Introduction to Layout Builder (Classic Editor)

Classic Editor

Layouts are the foundation for the email templates that you Build in WordFly. Layouts are created with a variety of elements, including image areas, text areas, rules lines, and best practices. You can add your content to this empty shell later when you're working on your email template.

You'll use WordFly's Layout Builder to create custom Layouts. The Layout Builder is a Flash-based application within WordFly that allows you to create custom re-usable email layouts for your organization.

How to build a Layout

1. Go to Email > Layouts.


2. Click Create a New Layout


3. Build your Layout!

  • Give your layout a brief name


  • In the Layout Specs area in the right column, select the number of columns you’d like to work with. You can also select the spacing you’d like between columns. Click Save.


  • In the Elements toolbox in the right column, drag over the elements you’d like to add to each of the three areas of your layout. Then you can resize the added elements to match your design or fill the desired space. You can drag elements into your Layout Body, Pre-header and Footer areas.


  • If you’d like to define custom background areas, click on the Add Backgrounds tab. The Backgrounds tools will display on the right. Click Add a New Background, then drag the new color chip to your layout. Resize as needed.



4. When you’re done, click Save to Layout Library.


Tips for using Layout Builder

Start with a Sketch: The best place to start when creating a layout is with a pencil and paper. Or if you prefer, comp up your email in Photoshop. As you work, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Plan for the three parts of an email:

  • Pre-Header — the area at the top where the View Email as Webpage link usually floats


  • Body — the main area of your email


  • Footer — where the fine print typically appears


Think in columns, like a newspaper: How many columns of content do you need? How much space would you like between them?

Plan your background colors: Do you want multiple areas with unique background colors (e.g., a red section and a white section)?


Any other things to keep in mind while building Layouts?

There are a some more things to consider...

  • The maximum width of a layout is 600 pixels. This ensures that your email will fit in the preview pane of most major email applications.
  • We recommend up to 6 columns for the best optimized email layouts. 12 column layouts afford more flexibility, however just keep in mind that it makes the email overall a little "heavier" in your subscriber's inbox (it might take a little longer to load or for some email clients it might overload their email client).
  • There is a height limit in WordFly’s Layout builder. We released it this way to help with deliverability, many email clients will cut off emails that are longer or convert the email into text (Gmail, Yahoo, AOL and iPhones all do this). What you can do is make each content element smaller in height in order to add more elements. Image and text areas grow with your content so it’s actually a great idea to make them smaller, it’s more flexible. You can also use your header and footer areas to add in more content.
  • If you want to duplicate an element there must be enough space around the element for the copy to exist.
  • There isn't an "undo" ("ctrl+z" command on most keyboards) in this feature. But, the feature is very flexible to meet your needs.
  • As usual, save often while you're working.
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