How do I add a first name or other personalization? (Classic Editor)

Classic Editor

You can use data fields in WordFly to easily add personalized content to your email. As long as you import the data into WordFly, you can put any type of personalized content in your email. You can add data fields to both HTML and Text emails. You can also add data fields to HTML emails you hand-coded outside of WordFly. Data fields be inserted in any content field in WordFly including the subject line, body copy, header, footer or anywhere else you might enter copy. 


Adding a data field to your template or subject line

1.  When editing content in your template or subject line, click "Insert Data Field."

Template example...



Subject line example...



2.  Use the dropdown menu to select the data field you want to appear.

You can also select alternate data in case this data is not available in your list.



3.  Click "Insert Field"

The data field will appear in the edit window for your template along with the alternate text if missing.



4.  Don't forget to Save your changes!



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