Where do subscriber email responses show up in Centaman?

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Summaries of subscriber email responses are processed into member correspondence records. All responses from a WordFly campaign are sent back to Centaman (opens, clicks, hard and soft bounces, as well as opt-outs and abuse complaints).


Reviewing email responses on the Member Record

WordFly email responses can be seen within member correspondence in Centaman under the section Membership/CRM module and specific Member Records.


1. Go to Launchpad and select the following in this order...

  • Select CRM/Memberships
  • Select Organizations, Members and Constituents


2. Search for the specific Member Record you are looking up


3. In the Member Record, select Options > Correspondence

This is where you will see WordFly email responses for the subscriber.





Example of an ‘open’ email response on a member record in Centaman:



At a closer glance…

  • Date and Time
    This refers to the exact time when the email response happened after the email was sent.
  • Type
    This refers to the correspondence initiated, for WordFly emails the type will be ‘WordFly Email’ or ‘Email’.
  • Subject
    More information about what was the response is for will be included here if sourceID is mapped during the import process.





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