Manual Centaman List Upload

You're trying to upload a Centaman list manually for your Campaign. The key thing with a manual list upload for Centaman users is to make sure you start in Centaman and set up the list in the same way that you would if you were to import directly into WordFly before exporting.


Generating a list file in Centaman for manual upload

  • Create your list in Centaman.
  • When you have created your list in Centaman, under the “Add (List) Criteria” section, use “Preview” to export your list as a CSV file.


Upload your CSV list into WordFly

Once you have your list ready you can go to Campaigns > Subscriber lists to upload your manual list, map all your data fields, and then import.


1. Go to Subscribers > Lists


2. Select Create an email list.


3. Select Import list from file


4. Name your file and on the next screen browse to your file. Select the type of file you are importing (CSV, pipe-delimited, or tab-delimited).

If you're a MAC user, you should see a message asking you to save the file as a "windows comma separated" file type. Once you are done selecting a file, click I’m Done.


5. Map your list data fields to data fields in WordFly.

To do this just select "Change" on the far right. Then the middle column (WordFly Fields) will display all available data fields. Select the appropriate one that matches Your Fields data. We’ll automatically map as many as we can. You must map the WordFly "Email" field before you'll be able to continue. You can create new Data Fields for mapping; find out more in this post.

In order for responses to track back to Centaman, be sure to map:

-'member_code' from your list to 'CrmSubscriberId' in WordFly

*Normally the 'sourceID' value would have to be mapped to 'SourceNumber' in WordFly. When importing a manually exported Centaman list into WordFly 'sourceID' is not included in the export and this not available for mapping to 'SourceNumber' in WordFly. That's ok! It just means that email responses can't be linked back to appeals and subscriber lists. In other words, you will not be able to see what the subscriber was responding to but you will be able to see when a response came in and what that response is.



6. Click Start Importing.


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