How to create a List Manager list in Tessitura

List Manager lists are usually lists that you will use over and over again. List Manager lists are the only types of lists that can be used by triggered email campaigns in WordFly (and the list can be marked as dynamic).


This article will explain the basics of creating your List Manager list in Tessitura for import into WordFly. For more information or technical advice about List Manager lists, please reach out to Tessitura support for expert guidance.

Topics covered in this article:

Creating a List Manager list in Tessitura

Troubleshooting List Manager list imports



Creating a List Manager list in Tessitura


1. In Tessitura, from the main navigation select Tools > List Manager.


2. Scroll down to the end of the screen and select “New List” from the List Functions area.


3. This brings up a new window where you can start building your list criteria.

Your list criteria defines who will be included in the list when it is generated. There is no need to select an output set in this view. You will select an output set when you import the list on the WordFly side.


In v12.5 Tessitura, drag criteria from the left side to the criteria panel. Open folders on the left to see specific criteria options.


In v14+ Tessitura, on the Criteria tab, click Add Criteria from the upper right of the web view to search for an add list criteria.


4. When you are done, select “Close” (v12.5) or "Save" (v14+). 

v12.5 Tessitura. After clicking Close, a new window will pop up asking you to Save it, click Yes.

v14+ Tessitura,


5. A new window appears after saving. In this window be sure to:

  • Give the list a name. This name becomes the name of the List Manager list. Omit special characters (~`!@#$%^&*+=) when naming your lists.
  • Check the TMS box. This has to be checked for WordFly to see the List Manager list.
  • Select the Control Group that WordFly has access to. This has to be the same control group used by the TMS_User for your WordFly TR_Organization ID. Many times this is the default control group. Consortium sub-licenses will need to know the correct control group to select.
  • (Optional) Check the Dynamic box. Dynamic means the list will automatically update/generate with the latest subscribers at the time WordFly imports the list from Tessitura. This is usually checked for triggered campaign lists. When you check the dynamic option your list in WordFly will display 0 subscribers before the list is imported (this is expected).

v12.5 Tessitura,


v14+ Tessitura,


That’s it! The list should show up in WordFly after it is created.



Troubleshooting List Manager list imports


1. The most common issues are not checking the TMS box and also not selecting the correct Control Group. If these are set up correctly then we suggest enabling Tessitura logging to get more specific information. Instructions for enabling logging can be found here.

2. Sometimes the list isn’t importing because of the promotions being generated in Tessitura. To test for this issue, try importing the list into WordFly without selecting an Appeal. Please email us if you need to investigate this.

3. If the list still doesn’t import without an appeal selected then the list is likely timing out before it even gets over to WordFly.  If it takes more than 15 minutes to generate in Tessitura then you should work with Tessitura support on optimizations to your list criteria and output set. Lists with more than 6 criteria can cause this problem, as well as when the list suppressions are at the end of the list criteria.



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