Create an Extraction in Tessitura

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Miguel Panayotty
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This article covers the basics of creating your extraction in Tessitura for import into WordFly. Please refer to the Tessitura Help System for expert guidance: v15 | v16


Create an Extraction in Tessitura


1. Create your extraction set in Tessitura

In the Extraction Manager, click New. On the Extraction Details screen, fill out:

  • Description
    This becomes the name of the extraction. Omit special characters (~`!@#$%^&*+=) when naming your extractions.
  • Appeal No
    This has to be written in for WordFly to see the extraction
  • TMS box
    This has to be checked for WordFly to see the extraction
  • Control Group
    This has to be the same control group used by the TMS_User for your WordFly TR_Organization ID. Many times this is the default control group. Consortium sub-licensees will need to know the correct control group to select.


2. Add segment(s) to the extraction set

Click New at the bottom of the screen to add a segment to the extraction. Double-click anywhere on the segment to open the List Criteria window to set up your criteria. Add all the specific criteria for this segment. When you are done, select Close.

Click Close when you’re done adding your list criteria.

Click Save at the bottom of the Extraction Details screen. When it is done saving, click Close.


3. Generate counts for the extraction set

Highlight your new extraction, then select Generate Counts from the Extraction Manager menu. From the Generate Counts window, click OK and Yes to confirm. This will trigger your extraction to start counting the constituents that meet the list criteria. When the extraction is done counting, it will be in an Open status.


4. Extract constituents to a file

Highlight the extraction again and select Extract Constituents from the Extraction Manager menu. In the Extract Constituents screen, finish the extraction:

  • Select the File radio button. This allows the actual file to be collected by WordFly for import.
  • Select an option from the Generate Source Codes dropdown
  • Check the Create Promotions Now box
  • Tab-Delimited should be selected
  • Select an Output Set. You must select an output set other than the system default. The output set will determine the data uploaded to WordFly. The eaddress (email) field is the only required piece of data, but additional data can be added for more email personalization.



Check out this article if you run into any issues with your extraction.