Tessitura API v12 and WordFly

The Tessitura v12 upgrade requires no changes to your WordFly integration. There are some other changes you should be aware of in v12.


Tessitura Output set changes


In v12 Tessitura updated the output set column from performance_dt to perf_dt. Tessitura is suggesting organizations move to a new standard history table to get this information and the names in the standard history table are different than the old one. If you have custom output sets that point to ticket history, you will have to update them in your output set and then also go into WordFly and update the list settings on all of your Triggered Campaigns using those output sets.


Even if your organization is not using custom output sets or performance date, you should plan to remap your list settings on all your active Triggered Campaigns. Follow these steps to update your Triggered Campaigns:


1. Open the Triggered Campaign

2. Pause the Campaign under the Activation tab

3. Click on the Recipients tab

4. Select "change list settings"

5. Re-assign your list settings

6. Click Save when you're done

7. Go back to the Activation tab and reactivate your Campaign



Tessitura’s new contact purposes data model


Also in v12 Tessitura has a new contact purposes data model. An example of the new model is a new check box for your Extraction titled "multiple contact points per constituent". If this is checked, all email addresses for the subscriber will be included in the Extraction.


What isn't changing:

1. WordFly still uses email address as the identifier for a subscriber; therefore, if duplicates of the same address are imported in one list WordFly will respond by suppressing one.

2. Unsubscribes will update in Tessitura on constituent records via your lp_update_email_promotion stored procedure, just as they do now.



WordFly features available in v12


We are excited to announce two-step unsubscribe with preferences for organizations running v12 in production.

Read more about setting up this feature!

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