How to set up custom processing on clicked links

Configure custom processing in Tessitura for clicked links.


Custom processing for clicked links


WordFly sends all email responses to Tessitura's T_EPROMOTION_RESPONSE_HISTORY table when your Tessitura list has promotion data (source number and download number). The actual URL a subscriber clicks will be sent back as @response code 4.


For each click response the history table (T_EPROMOTION_RESPONSE_HISTORY) will provide a number for the URL. This number is the ID in the TR_EPROMOTION_URL table. The TR_EPROMOTION_URL table is populated when a unique link in the email is clicked by the subscriber.


Tessitura users have a couple options for reviewing clicked responses in the database:


Option 1:


Add logic to the LP_UPDATE_EMAIL_PROMOTION stored procedure for click responses to check what URL was clicked. This could then create a CSI to inform Box Office or Marketing staff of the response or flip an attribute on the constituent record.


*Sample logic for the CSI option is attached to this support post!


Option 2:


All of the data you need to generate a report will be stored automatically in Tessitura, without making any changes to your LP_UPDATE_EMAIL_PROMOTION stored procedure. The following query shows all of the clicks with urls:


select * from [impresario].dbo.[t_epromotion_response_history] a
inner join [impresario].dbo.[tr_epromotion_url] b on a.url_no =


You could use this query to easily find all of the customers who clicked on each link.