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This article serves as a starting point for your Tessitura list and output set criteria. Please refer to the Tessitura Help System for expert guidance: v15 | v16

Send automated performance reminder emails to your constituents who bought tickets to an upcoming performance. In Tessitura, you’ll define who will receive the email by creating a dynamic List Manager List with appropriate criteria. You’ll also set up an output set to return the data you want to include in the email.


Create performance reminder list criteria in Tessitura

For performance reminders, you’ll need criteria matching patrons with tickets to upcoming performances and additional criteria to further refine which patrons are matched. For example:

  • Is the patron coming to the show?
  • Have they opted-in to receive performance reminders?
  • Do they have an email address?
  • Have they already received a reminder for the same performance?

The List Manager tool in Tessitura allows you to define criteria for DateTime data (such as Ticket Performance Date) using a date that is relative to the date the List is run. For example, you can define criteria matching constituents with a ticket three days from today. Prior to sending, a new list of recipients and data is pulled from Tessitura each time an automated email is sent according to your schedule.


This example uses two dynamic List Manager lists.

Performance Reminder is intended to find all patrons with tickets three days from now. It defines the following criteria:

  • Ticket Performance Date ‹= (relative date) DayRunDate +3
  • Ticket Performance Date ›= (relative date) RunDate
  • Primary EAddress Flag also has Yes
  • EAddress does not equal ‹› ‘‘
  • List is not [Select Performance Reminder Suppression List]

Performance Reminder Suppression is used by Performance Reminder to exclude patrons who have been promoted to the Performance Reminder Appeal and promoted in the last three days. It defines the following criteria:

  • Promotion Appeal in [select the Performance Reminder Appeal]
  • Promotion Date ‹= DayRunDate -3



Create performance reminder output set in Tessitura

You’ll also need to define an output set that contains any data needed to personalize the email in WordFly, such as performance date, performance name, production description, and patron name.

A common issue with the default ticket history output set elements is multiple rows which means that these cannot be used for your email lists. Custom views are often used as a workaround. Tessitura’s Output Set Recipe Book is helpful for this step. (Requires login) 

View output set recipe for Next Performances: v15 | v16



Set up automation in WordFly

After you have set up your list and output set criteria in Tessitura, you can set up your automation in WordFly.

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