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Send automated welcome emails to new constituents using triggered campaigns in WordFly. We’ve put together some basic welcome email list and output set criteria to help you out. Follow the steps in this article to get started. If you need additional help, please reach out to Tessitura Support for expert advice.


Build the welcome list criteria in Tessitura

Let’s look at three questions for the Dynamic List Manager list criteria:

  • Is the constituent new?
  • Did the subscriber sign up for your email program?
  • Does the subscriber have an email?
  • Has the subscriber opted out from anything?


Build your List Manager list criteria in Tessitura:


"Constituent Create Date"

  • Constituent Create Date use relative >= DayRunDate -1
  • Constituent Created Date use relative <= RunDate
  • This criteria assumes the triggered campaign will run daily.


“E-Market Restriction”

First suppress any addresses that have restrictions under the constituent record on the General Tab > Emarket Restriction.



  • Primary Eaddress Flag is Yes to pull an email addressed marked as primary address (a primary Eaddress can’t be inactive so you don’t have to check for that)
  • (optional) Eaddress Inactive in No to pull only active email. This is not necessary if using the Primary Eaddress Flag.
  • (optional if using contact purposes) Electronic Address Purpose to pull addresses with specific contact purposes.
  • (optional if using interests) Constituent Interests in selected interest.


Mark the List Manager list as dynamic in Tessitura. This will ensure the list is regenerated every time the Triggered Campaign runs in WordFly.


Build welcome list output set in Tessitura

This can be very basic and may be included with one of your default Tessitura output sets. Your output set may only need to return the following dynamic information:

  • Customer Fname (First Name)
  • Customer Lname (Last Name)
  • Eaddress email (Email)
  • (optional) Inside Salutation    

Every Tessitura database is different so it’s important to review with your team and make sure any applied criteria works with your data.


How to set up a Tessitura automated campaign in WordFly

Once you are done setting up your list and output set criteria in Tessitura, you can start working on setting up your automated campaign in WordFly. Learn more




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