Map Tessitura Segment ID

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Miguel Panayotty
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Standard Tessitura output files include the Segment ID field. This is the ID number of the segment to which a constituent was assigned. You can map the segment ID and use it to display conditional content and other personalization in your emails.


  • Create a data field in WordFly that can be used for mapping the Segment ID
    Follow these steps
  • Start importing your Tessitura extraction (v15) or segmentation set (v16)
    Follow these steps
  • Map Segment ID on the Map Your Fields step
    Map keycode to your newly created data field from step 1. Look for keycode in the Your Fields column. Note: ka_no is the Extraction number in Tessitura.

  • Click Start importing
  • You can now use the segment ID data field for email personalization or list segmentation

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