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With the WordFly custom screen, your box office team can see the emails your constituents receive from WordFly without leaving Tessitura. View all event activity, resend emails, and preview personalized versions, too—even with multiple addresses per account.




What is the custom screen?

WordFly’s custom screen for Tessitura is installed with a script we provide. The feature is available in on Tessitura constituent records under the Custom tab. It allows you to see all the emails you’ve sent the subscriber as well as their responses.


View Activity

Select View Activity to see email responses generated by the subscriber through the email. You will see opens, clicks, and opt-outs here. You will also see the email client for the constituent.


Select the Preview button to see the actual email the subscriber received.

The preview is live which means that opening the preview will register an open response and clicking any links will register click events for the subscriber.

The preview will display any personalization included in the email. Triggered emails will always show the most recent data imported, even for previous triggered sends. For example, if your constituent received a triggered reminder email on January 1st and again on January 15th, the preview for both dates will show the data imported on the 15th.


Select the Resend button to send a copy of the email to the subscriber.


When a constituent has several email addresses associated with a record in Tessitura, a Change link will appear at the top of the custom screen. Click Change to select a different address.


What to expect from the WordFly custom screen

  • Users must log in with their WordFly credentials to access the custom screen. Tip: Set up a general WordFly login that all staff can use. The login does not need any permissions.
  • The five most recent standard and triggered email campaigns will load first. Load more campaigns as needed.
  • When a constituent does not have a customer number associated in WordFly, there won‘t be any emails to display. The following message will appear on the custom screen: This customer is not associated with any subscribers in WordFly.



Go to Account > Tessitura. Download the script in the Additional Features section. If you don’t have access to this section of WordFly, please email us.


To enable the custom screen in your Tessitura client

  1. Download the WordFly_InsertCustomScreen script. The newly created custom tab security object needs to be added to user groups in Tessitura security.
  2. Run the insert script on your impresario database to add the URL for the WordFly custom screen. The screen is called WordFly Subscriber Data by default, but it can be changed in the script, if desired.
  3. Log into your Tessitura client and do a Constituent Search. Double-click on the subscriber you’d like to look up.
  4. Click on the Custom tab.
  5. If inserted correctly, you’ll see a radio button with the screen name that you specified in the SQL script in Step 2. If it’s the only screen in the database, the WordFly log in page will load automatically.
  6. Log into your WordFly account from Tessitura. You will only have access to the Sent Emails, Select Address, View Activity, and Preview screens.

Troubleshooting tip: If the custom screen browser seems to be blocked, make sure Tessitura is allowed to access the Internet.



Set up a Box Office user account

We recommend setting up a separate user account for the Box Office in WordFly. This user doesn’t need any permissions to see the custom screen in Tessitura. By not selecting any permissions, the Box Office user will be prevented from accessing the main sections in WordFly (Email, Reporting, etc.) if browsing outside of Tessitura. The Box Office user account can be set up by any person at your organization who has the Manage Users permission selected in WordFly.

First, in a browser outside of Tessitura:

  1. Go to Account > Users and create a new user.
    Leave all of the permissions boxes unchecked.
  2. Log out of WordFly.
  3. Before you go to Tessitura, log back in as the new Box Office user, using the credentials that were sent to the email address you just assigned to the Box Office account. You’ll be prompted to set a new password and accept the Terms of Use.
  4. Log out of WordFly. Now, everything is set up to log in as the Box Office user via
    your custom screen.

Then, in Tessitura:

  1. Log into your Tessitura client and do a Constituent Search. Double-click on the subscriber you’d like to look up.
  2. Click on the Custom tab to access the WordFly custom screen. Depending on your configuration, you may also need to select the WordFly screen radio button.
  3. You’ll see the WordFly log in screen. Log in as the Box Office user using the new password you selected.



Access the custom screen

In Tessitura, open any constituent record to access the Box Office Insight from the Custom tab.


  1. In Tessitura, search for the constituent
  2. Open the constituent record
  3. Select the Custom tab
  4. Select the WordFly Subscriber radio button
  5. Log in to the WordFly custom screen
  6. Select the options on the screen to see the email and responses
    • Select Preview to see a preview of the email design.
    • Select View Activity to see email responses.
    • Select Resend to send an original copy of the sent email to the subscriber.



Resend an email to a subscriber

Use the Resend button to send an original copy of the sent email to the subscriber.


  1. In Tessitura, search for the constituent
  2. Open the constituent record
  3. Select the Custom tab
  4. Select the WordFly Subscriber radio button
  5. Log in to the WordFly custom screen
  6. Select Resend to send the email to the subscriber




Troubleshooting issues with the WordFly custom screen


The custom screen loads a blank screen.

If the custom screen loads a blank white screen, you may need to adjust your browser to IE in Tessitura. To resolve, go to system tables TR_Custom_Tab. Locate the WordFly custom screen row, scroll to the IE column, and check the box. Save changes and relogin.


The custom screen does not fully load.

In some cases, the custom screen preview does not load or partially loads for certain users (not all). The issue appears to be connected to a default browser used by the database. To resolve, the browser needs to be made available to all users accessing the custom screen.


The custom screen is installed but some users can’t see it while others can.

When the custom screen is installed there is a security context applied in Tessitura. Modifying the group security for the custom tab objects should resolve the issue. This change is done in the security application.


To modify the group security for the WordFly custom screen object (a constituency-based object):

  1. Login to the Tessitura security application.
  2. Go to Maintain Security Objects.
  3. In the User Groups column (left column), identify the appropriate User Group that isn't seeing the custom screen. Select this user group.
  4. In the Constituencies column (middle column), choose (All Constituencies).
  5. In the Security Objects column (right column), select the WordFly custom tab object. You can identify the WordFly custom tab object item by the object ID in System Tables TR_Custom_Tab. In the screenshot below the WordFly custom tab object is ID 10001.
  6. For the permissions, make sure the group has Access Rights set to Yes for Add, Delete, Edit, and View.
  7. Click Update.