Tessitura API v11 and WordFly

There are some changes with Version 11 of the Tessitura API and WordFly that you'll want to keep in mind when you upgrade. Attached to this post is a helpful document, you can also review everything here.

Before we dive into all those updates, we also want to let you know about our new Tessitura Unsubscribe Preferences feature.


Tessitura Unsubscribe Preferences feature

On v11 you can sync Tessitura interests and attributes for subscribers in WordFly and send preference updates back to Tessitura using WordFly's two-step unsubscribe process. In order to use this new feature you will need to upgrade your services and certificates, our support team can walk you through this process. Learn more about all the steps in this post. Just email us to get started!


Default Output Set changes

In Tessitura v11 there is a change between WordFly and subscriber lists. The default extraction Output Set now includes an additional column ("street3").


For organizations who are running version 2.0 of the WordFly Services, everything will work as expected. To check your WordFly version, follow these steps:


1. Go to Account.


2. Select Tessitura from the left navigation.


3. Check your version in the Tessitura section.

Click on Check Services Version. You should see version 2.0.5056.21932.


Using the NEW Street3 field

If you're planning to use the new "street3" field with the default Output Set, WordFly's support team will need to upgrade your account in order for this new field to display when you map your fields. It's a quick fix and can be changed in your account within 1-2 days. Just email us to get this started.


Are your servers changing?

Many Tessitura organizations are using v11 to also upgrade their servers or move Tessitura to a new server. If you're planning on moving your Tessitura server, here's a list of things to check during the move:

  • Check your firewall. The three WordFly IPs need to have HTTP access. If anything is changing, we'll need to test our connection here, please send us the new address. If nothing is changing in that area then you should be all set.
  • Move WordFly directory from website root over to new server. Make sure the application pool has "wordfly". Make sure the application pool username and password is either Network Service or a configurable Domain account, either way the account needs to have admin privileges AND have read + execute permissions (NOT read + write permissions). The WordFly application pool needs to be set to .net 2.0.
  • If the server URL is changing, send us the new Tessitura service URL. We use this to check our access and make some updates on our side in your account. *Note: this applies only if the Tessitura web service urls are being installed in the same manner (same server) as well.
  • Make sure certificates are installed.
  • SQL studio. Check T_DEFAULTS to see that the TMS User and Output/Pickup locations can browse to gateway server.
  • WordFly web.config. If your service endpoints are changing, you'll need to update the service endpoints in the web.config, too.
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