How to run a revenue report

Tessitura users can pull a revenue report to see sales around promotions. Send your email campaign with your promoted Tessitura list and then pull a revenue report to review the sales around the entire promotion.

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What is WordFly's revenue report for Tessitura accounts

Enable Revenue Reporting in WordFly

Run a Revenue Report in WordFly



WordFly's revenue report for Tessitura accounts


WordFly built a unique revenue report with Tessitura to provide in-app sales data. The revenue report looks at the promotion information in the Tessitura list(s) for your email campaign and uses the source number(s) to query all the promoted constituents for the campaign. The final report gives an overview of all the sales data tied to these constituents for the promotion's lifespan.


This means all the ticket sales and donations captured during the lifespan of the promotion in Tessitura will count towards your revenue report, regardless of the promotion information (campaign/appeal/source) of the order. For example, if someone was promoted to the email list and happened to make a donation in the same time period of the email promotion then their donation would be included in the WordFly revenue report. Essentially, all sales and contribution activity of everyone who was sent the email is counted in the report, whether they clicked on the email or not.


These notes are important to consider because the WordFly revenue report may appear to be inflated based on other reports you might run in Tessitura. This report only gives one view of revenue. The report should be combined with other reports for the best revenue analysis.


What information is included in the revenue report:

  • Quick summary of the campaign sent: campaign name, subject line, date sent and total subscribers
  • The start and end dates of the report. The report defaults start date to date send and end date to the most recent response received. Users running the report can modify the date range before running the report. Modifying the date range will change what revenue is reported for the promotion.
  • Number of ticket orders pulled from Tessitura for the promotion.
  • Orders are tallied separately as ticket sales and fees to create one revenue total.
  • Number of contributions pulled from Tessitura for the promotion.
  • Contributions are added up to create one revenue total.
  • The final revenue total is Orders + Contributions
  • All amounts are displayed in your local currency as specified under the Account > Organization section.


Recommended usage

We suggest looking at three reports to get the most accurate view of your email's revenue:

  1. Run the revenue report in WordFly which gives you all sales and contribution data for the promoted records during a specific time frame.
  2. Use Google Analytics in your campaign and look at the sales results in your GA account for the WordFly email. Learn how to review your GA data.

  3. Use source number appending in your email campaign and run a source number revenue report in Tessitura. Make sure your website has the ability to capture the source number from the query string and submit it to the "Promo Code" parameter of the Tessitura API Login or Register calls. Note that if you are a TNEW customer, your website already has the ability to capture sources from URLs and use it as the sale order source! For more information about this TNEW feature you can review Tessitura's documentation.




Enable Revenue Reporting in WordFly

Before running a revenue report in WordFly you must enable the feature under Account > Tessitura.


1. Go to Account (located in the upper left navigation).


2. Select Tessitura.


3. Check the box for Revenue Reporting.


4. Click Save.




Run a Revenue Report in WordFly

After enabling revenue reporting under Account > Tessitura you can go to Reporting > Run Reports to pull a report. Follow these steps to run the report.


1. Go to Reporting > Run Reports.



2. Under section 1, from the drop-down select Revenue Report.


3. Click I'm done.



4. Under section 2, select the Campaign for your revenue report.


5. Under section 3, name your file and select the date/time range for the report.

The date/time range will pull all of the orders and contributions for each constituent promoted in the Tessitura list used for this campaign. See notes in this article for things to consider when pulling this report.


6. Click Run Report.



7. Download your PDF report under Reporting > Reports + Data Manager




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