Email list unsubscribe tips (Tessitura v11 and earlier versions)

You're looking for a way to set up your unsubscribe process so that subscribers opt-out of particular email lists and not globally opt-out of all email communication from your organization. With WordFly, this is possible for Tessitura v11 (or earlier version) users and it's configured with your stored local procedure. For Tessitura users running v12 in production, check out Tessitura Unsubscribe Preferences for WordFly.

Creating a custom unsubscribe

Let’s start by going over how WordFly works with the email responses data. For data related to unsubscribes, WordFly passes back download number and customer number in order to identify the relevant T_PROMOTION row. From there that response can update the subscriber’s record. This happens with the use of your stored procedure.

Here's what you can do to create a custom unsubscribe:

1. You can key off of any data in the promotion or related to the promotion.

We recommend setting up dedicated media type for each email "interest" group. For example, you can have dedicated media for Development, Students, Sales, etc. You could use any of the available data: source_no, appeal_no, source_group, and media_type.

2. In Tessitura, make sure your Extraction or List Manager List can use this media.

(If you have questions about setting up Extractions and List Manager lists, the best place for advice is the Tessitura Network.)

3. Then when you're importing your list into WordFly, make sure you select the appropriate media type.

  • With Extractions, make sure the download contains the correct media
  • With List Manager lists you'll have an opportunity to select the correct media during the import process

4. Update your stored local procedure.

Use your stored local procedure to make sure you're updating the subscriber’s account with the correct response and unsubscribing them from a particular email list. 

Best practice advice

The best approach to the unsubscribe process is to always offer the global unsubscribe and include a secondary option to update email preferences directly on your website. 

Example: Email with both an Unsubscribe and option to Update Preferences



Example: Website update account preferences





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