How do I set up my list Appeals?

If you're working on creating a list manager list or extraction in Tessitura that will be used for importing into WordFly you'll want to set up an Appeal for your list.

Topics covered in this article:

Why is an Appeal important and when is it selected for my list

Creating an Appeal in Tessitura

Troubleshooting Appeals not showing in WordFly



Why is an Appeal important and when is it selected for my list?


Appeals create "promotion records" adding download number and source numbers in your list manager lists and extractions (also called 'promoting your list'). Promoting your list ensures that your email response data will update as expected in Tessitura. WordFly will send the highest level responses to T_PROMOTION and all responses to T_EPROMOTION_RESPONSE_HISTORY, then your LP_UPDATE_EMAIL_PROMOTION stored local procedure to update responses in Tessitura.


For List Manager lists, appeals (and other promotion attributes) are selected during the List Manager list import process in step 3.

For Extractions, appeals are added to the Tessitura Extraction list when the new list is being created.





Creating your Appeal in Tessitura


The best place to go for advice on creating your Appeal is the Tessitura Network. They are truly the experts when it comes to managing data and data set up.




Troubleshooting Appeals not showing in WordFly


If you're finding not all of your active Appeals are available in the promotions section of your WordFly list manager import, chances are it's related to how your Control Group is set up for this Appeal. Any Appeal available to the Control Group can be used.

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