Importing a Tessitura Extraction list

If your organization uses Tessitura, you'll be able to import Extraction lists into WordFly. We've compiled some steps between Tessitura and WordFly to help you with this process.

Topics covered in this article:

Start in Tessitura, create your Extraction

Import your Extraction in WordFly



Start in Tessitura, create your Extraction



In WordFly, import your Extraction


You can run your Extraction under Campaigns or Subscriber lists, once the list is done importing you can assign the list to a Campaign.


Follow these instructions for importing your Extraction outside a Campaign under Subscribers > Subscriber Lists. The process is the same within a Campaign under the Subscribers tab.


1. Go to Subscribers > Lists.


2. Select Create an email list.


3. Select Use a Tessitura List.


4. Select Use an Extraction list.


5. Give your list a name and click Continue.


6. In step 1, select your Extraction from the available list ID's.


If you can't find the one you want double check the list is in Tessitura, remember to "Refresh" the data if anything changes in Tessitura.


7. In step 2, select a Download.



8. In step 3, map your list data fields to WordFly data fields, as many as you can.


WordFly will map as many as possible but then it's up to you to make sure to map other data fields. The most important ones to map are Email, Download Number and Customer Number.



9. Click Start importing.



If you've followed these steps exactly and are coming across an issue with the file import, review our Extraction Troubleshooting post. 

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