How do I create and send an email campaign?

When you use WordFly to create an email campaign, you'll set up your Campaign settings, select or build an email template, select or import subscribers, test the email, and then send! Below, you'll learn how to create a campaign in WordFly and a few other helpful items.

Topics covered in this article:

What is an email campaign in WordFly?

Sending an email campaign

Canceling a scheduled email campaign



What is an email campaign in WordFly?


When you send/deploy an email with WordFly, we call it an email campaign. A  campaign is made up of your email template, a subscriber list and settings.

  • Settings: The email campaign settings include your From Name, From Address, Subject line, AB testing options, and Google Analytics options.
  • Email Template: This is the designed email you are sending in the email campaign. There will be a unique email template for every email campaign you send from WordFly.
  • Subscriber list: Your subscriber lists are lists you have imported and sent to previously or new lists you just imported. You can re-use lists or import new lists for each email campaign.




Sending an email campaign


Sending a standard email using WordFly is quick and simple. Just click on Emails > Send an email. WordFly will walk you through the steps on screen. Follow the steps in this post to get an overview of the whole process.


1. Click on Emails > Create a campaign.


2. Fill out your email Settings. Then click Save.

-Click on the dropdown for Campaign type and click Standard. *Or go with the default setting if it is already using Standard

-Name your Campaign

-Enter your subject line

-Select a from Name and From/Reply-To Address

-Try an AB Campaign test by checking the 'I want to do A/B testing on this campaign' check box

3. Select your email template or build the email your subscriber’s will see in their inbox. Then click Save.

Remember, you should have a unique email template for each email campaign you send in WordFly. We do not recommend re-using email templates since changing one will change it on any email campaigns you have it assigned to.

You can…

-Use an existing template you created earlier

-Build your email using Modern Editor, WordFly’s responsive email builder

-Import your own HTML code



*If you want to try another option after starting, just click 'start over' by the template name

4. Choose a list of subscribers to send your email to.

You can…

-Import a list from a CSV file on your desktop

-Import a Tessitura List Manager list or Extraction (First build your List Manager list or Extraction in Tessitura)

-Import a Centaman list (First build your query list in Centaman)

-Add subscribers manually by copy/pasting those addresses into an open field


Do you want to use personalization like First Name, Member Level, or other unique data in your email? It is very important to map your fields during the import process if you are using personalization in your email template. Learn more about personalization in this support article: How does personalization work?


*If you want to add or remove subscribers from you list, segment your list, or suppress a list, just select 'other things you can do'


*If you want to try another option after starting, just click 'start over' by the list name


5. Test how your email looks across email clients and with any personalization you’ve set up for subscribers.

You can…

-Send one or multiple test emails to stakeholders and seed addresses

-Review your template for US CAN-SPAM and Canadian law requirements and broken links

-Name your links to make your reports easier to read both in WordFly and to see link names in Google Analytics

-Use Inbox Preview to see your email render in-app across 30+ different email clients using our Litmus integration


6. Ready to go? Send your email to your subscribers!


-The sending format [Multipart-MIME, HTML only, or Text only]

-When to send your campaign [Now or In the future]

…then click Send Now or Schedule Now.


When you see the progress bar, you’ll know your campaign is being sent!


Go to Reporting > Dashboard to open your Campaign and see the results!




Canceling a scheduled email campaign


If you need to cancel a scheduled email campaign in WordFly you can do this easily from the Send tab of the Campaign.

1. Go to Email > Email Campaigns.


2. Click on the name of your scheduled email campaign.


3. Click on the Send tab of the email campaign.


4. Click on the Cancel link towards the top of the page.


When the Campaign is Canceled:

  • The email campaign will not send.
  • You will be able to edit any section of the email campaign again (Settings, Email Template, and Subscribers).
  • To re-schedule the email campaign go back to the Send tab and select to send 'now' or 'in the future' following the steps on screen.





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