WordFly School and trainings

WordFly School hosts helpful webinars to help you with email marketing and learning about features. WordFly also has several core trainings to help users get started.

Topics covered in this article:

New User Trainings

Upcoming WordFly School sessions

Viewing all WordFly School sessions



New User Trainings


Watch one of our New User Trainings!

WordFly 101 - New User Training

Modern Editor 101 - New User Training

WordFly-Tessitura Integration 101 - New User Training

WordFly-Centaman Integration 101 - New User Training (hosted by Centaman)

Automations Training (CRM Integrated accounts)


Upcoming Webinars


You can find upcoming school sessions on the WordFly School landing page. Each time you login to WordFly you can check the dashboard for upcoming webinars under What's New with WordFly. Login and scroll down the page to see if there are any upcoming webinars listed. 




Viewing Recorded Webinars


This list gives a good overview of our favorite recorded WordFly School sessions.


Email Marketing

Metrics that Matter Most

Holiday helper

Make the most of your email reporting

Email Marketing Masterclass

5 ways you can engage with email today

The new email paradigm


Email Design

Responsive Makeover

Move to WordFly's Modern Editor in 5 Steps

Branding your Modern Editor email with Styles

Video, Vine and Animated Gifs

Introduction to Custom Blocks


Email Campaigns

A/B Testing

Segmentation and Re-Marketing

Send Times - Optimize your deployment times

Brush up on WordFly

Delivering great content with email


Events and Surveys

Online Events, Galas, and Broadcasts

Survey Cancelled Ticket Holders

Reopening lines (Museum panel)


Subscriber Management

Subscriber sign up (acquisition)

Top 10 List Growth Tips

Conditional Content & Personalization

Get to know Conditions


Automated Campaigns (CRM Integrated accounts)

Getting Started with Automated Campaigns

Automated Event Reminders

Welcome Email



Getting started with SMS in WordFly



IP Warmup Plan

Inbox deliverability demystified

Canada's CASL overview

Return Path Certification for higher inbox deliverability





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