How does the Monthly Subscriber plan work?

You might have some questions about WordFly's Monthly Subscriber pricing plan, we put together this post to explain the details.

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Monthly Subscriber pricing plan

Common Monthly Subscriber Plan FAQs



Monthly Subscriber pricing plan


WordFly's Monthly Subscriber pricing plan places organizations into a pricing tier based on their active subscriber count and allows unlimited emails to be sent for a low monthly cost. This plan is great for organizations sending multiple times to subscribers over the course of a month.


There are several reasons why the Monthly Subscriber pricing plan is based on your active subscriber count at the end of the month.


Here are a few:

  • This provides budgetary predictability for users.
  • It encourages customers to email subscribers regularly and use only opted-in lists per our Acceptable Use Policy (not sending to purchased, rented, scraped, or shared lists etc...).
  • Email addresses and the related data use WordFly IT resources in for the form of servers, message handlers, etc. This is a hard cost to WordFly. The more email addresses on the system, the more our operating costs.


If your list size or frequency varies considerably from month to month, you might want to look at switching to the Pay as you Go plan in which you'll pay only for what you send each month.




Common Monthly Subscriber Plan FAQs


What's considered an Active Subscriber?

An active subscriber is any subscriber that you are currently sending email to through WordFly. On the Monthly Subscriber Plan you are placed in a pricing tier based on the amount of active email addresses. Learn more: How many active subscribers are in my account?


What's considered an Inactive Subscriber?

An inactive subscriber is any subscriber who has unsubscribed, hard bounced, or clicked the "this is spam" button, as well as any subscriber you haven't sent email to in over 90 days.  


What am I charged for each month?

You're invoiced for your active subscribers at the end of each month. Subscribers who unsubscribe, click the spam button or hard bounce will remain on the active subscriber count until the end of the month when the response is received.


How do I remove subscribers from the active subscriber count?

WordFly will remove subscribers from your active subscriber count automatically for the following reasons:

  • Any subscriber that unsubscribes, clicks the spam button or hard bounces will be removed in the following month after this response is recorded.
  • Any subscriber you do not send to in over 90 days will be removed.

At the end of the month these address will be deactivated from your list and subtracted from your total active subscribers. 


My list total seems higher than I expected. What should I do?

Typically when your active subscriber count is higher than expected it means somewhere in the past month a user imported and sent to more addresses. Check in with your colleagues: Did someone import a one-time list and send to it? Did someone pull in a list from long ago and send to it? Remember, if you don't send to those subscribers again over 90 days the addresses will fall off your list and be removed from your total count.




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