About Active Subscribers

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Miguel Panayotty
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What is an active subscriber?

An active subscriber in WordFly is an address that you have sent a campaign to in the last 90 days. An active subscriber could be engaged or disengaged. 

List imports don’t necessarily count toward the total. The calculation is determined by who you are sending to in a 90-day period. When you stop sending to some subscribers eventually your total subscriber count will reflect only the subscribers you are actually emailing.

Any new unsubscribes, hard bounces, or abuse complaints that are generated on email campaigns will count in the active subscriber number for the month the event was generated in but will fall off the total count in the following month.


How does this count work with the WordFly pricing plans?

We calculate your active subscribers as unique email addresses that remain opted in to receive email from you. 

The Monthly Subscriber Plan looks at your total active subscribers being sent email from WordFly and then places you into a pricing tier based on that number. We’ll invoice you at the end of every month based on the total number of active subscribers in your account for that month (not based on how many emails you've sent to or if you sent to a subscriber that month). An email address becomes “active” when you send an email to that address.  

This pricing plan allows you to send as needed and not worry about the actual number of emails sent in a given month. Your monthly fee will be automatically adjusted to the appropriate tier as your list grows or shrinks.


Export active subscribers

Go to Reporting > Export Data to export your active subscribers by list or account.