Can I stop or recall an email campaign?

Sorry, if your email is sending there’s no way to stop it or recall the email.


Fortunately most people out there are pretty forgiving and recognize mistakes for what they are: mistakes. However, if it’s a mistake you need to fix right away, there are two things you can do to mitigate the damage.


Send a follow-up email.

Acknowledge the mistake and reprint any incorrect dates or major promotional errors. You should mention the error in the subject line if you can.


Replace an incorrect image.

If you've sent out a campaign with the wrong image, you may be able to replace it. This option works if:

  • The image you are replacing was uploaded directly to the Media Library and was not uploaded through the template builder.
  • The new image you are putting in your template has the exact same name as the previous (wrong) image.
  • The subscriber hasn't downloaded the images yet. (Note: Gmail caches the original image when the first subscriber loads it so unfortunately overwriting the wrong image may not work for Gmail subscribers)


1.  Go to Design Library > Media.


2.  Open the folder containing your image file.

Your image file may be in the emails media folder, this is where any files are placed when you upload directly into Modern Editor.

3. Upload a new image by the same name as the original image.


4.  When subscribers download your images in your email they will see the new image.

Gmail is the only exception due to image caching when the email is first received.




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