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Kelly Sutter
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This article describes our new way to customize the Unsubscribe pages in your account, launched in 2021. If you are using older pages and links, follow the steps below to upgrade to the new version.



How it works

The Unsubscribe link is required in all of your WordFly emails. This is not only part of our Acceptable Use Policy that all users must agree to; it is also US and Canadian law. Make sure you have your Unsubscribe landing page set up in WordFly and that you have the dynamic Unsubscribe link added to all your email designs.


What to expect

  • Our Unsubscribe form is now exclusively a two-step process. After subscribers click the Unsubscribe link in an email, they will be taken to a page where they are asked to confirm their unsubscribe. This will prevent accidental unsubscribes.
  • The Update Preferences section is no longer part of the Unsubscribe page. Preferences now live on a separate page. This allows you to create two separate links in your email footers, i.e., Update Preferences and Unsubscribe.
  • The unsubscribe page is published by default. It cannot be unpublished.



Customize your Unsubscribe pages


1. Go to Pages > Unsubscribe

2. To customize the Form page, click Edit. Update your logo. Customize your content and colors.
Here are some common design adjustments you may want to make.

3. To customize the Confirmation page, click Edit. Update your logo. Customize your content and colors.

4. Click Sync to push your updates to the public


—When you are ready to completely switch to these new pages—

5. Click the Use as Default button
Once selected, any new emails created from a WordFly starter email will point to the new pages. In the editor, it will also switch the Add Link UI to point to your new pages. Update any existing custom starter emails with the new link.


Optional: Add a button that links to the Preferences form

1. Open the Unsubscribe page
2. Drag over a Button block. In the a field, label the button “Update Preferences”
3. Click into the href field, then click the Browse Pages link
4. Select your Preferences page from the grid. Leave the “Associate page responses with subscribers” box selected.
5. Save and sync your page
6. Confirm that you clicked Publish for your Preferences pages, too



Add the Unsubscribe link to your email

This URL is unique to your organization. 
It starts with


Unsubscribing is linked to a specific subscriber, so you must link to the page from an email campaign. The link must contain the SubscriberID code (?sid=##subscriberMailingId##). This is the code that will also allow the subscriber’s email address to display in the “Your email address” section.


1. On the Unsubscribe Settings tab, click Publish to push your pages live to the web

2. In your email, scroll down to the Unsubscribe link in your footer

3. Double-click the link

4. In the Add/Edit link window, click Browse Pages

5. Select your Unsubscribe page from the grid.
The “Associate page responses with subscribers” box must remain selected.

6. Save your email


Screenshot of Browse Pages window with the Unsubscribe row highlighted