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One of the first things you'll want to do in your WordFly account is select an email pricing plan. There are two options: Pay As You Go Plan and the Monthly Subscriber Plan. Select the plan that best suits budget and sending needs.


Pricing plans

Pay As You Go Plan Pay only for the emails sent each month. Each subscriber you send to is considered 1 email. This plan is great for organizations that have variable sending each month, including months without sending.
Monthly Subscriber Plan

Pay one rate per month based on your active subscriber pricing tier for unlimited emails per month. This plan places you into a pricing tier based on the active subscribers in your account. A subscriber is active when you have sent to their address in the past 90 days.

Learn more about this pricing plan:



Select an email pricing plan

Follow these steps to select a pricing plan in WordFly. Be sure to also nominate a Billing contact in your account (under Account > Users).


To select a pricing plan for your account


1. Go to Account

Find Account in the upper right corner of WordFly.


2. Select Email Pricing Plan


3. Select a Pricing Plan for your account by clicking Select


*If you haven't selected a plan, there will be a message at the top of the page:






How do the two email pricing plans compare?

Let’s say you have 25,000 active addresses in your list and you send them one email each week for four weeks. Using WordFly’s Pay Per Email plan, you would pay $0.009 for each email you send (in this example, that’s 100,000 emails). That equals a total cost of $900. With the Monthly Subscriber Plan, you’ll pay a flat fee of $350 for a savings of over 60%.


How do we decide which email pricing plan is best for us?

We can help! We’d be happy to set up a phone call with you to discuss your sending habits and list size to figure out the best plan for you. Our goal is to make sure that you save the most, whichever plan you choose.


Are there any other extra fees?

With both plans, you’ll receive the same great support and services from our experienced team, including free email and phone support and free unlimited user accounts. Some services are extra such as the Unlimited Inbox Preview Plan and Design Services.


How do we change our email pricing plan?

Please email if you'd like to change your pricing plan.


Why did my email pricing increase?

Email pricing will increase or decrease depending on your pricing plan and sending in a given month.


Pay As You Go Plan

On the Pay As You Go Plan you pay for each email address you send to each month. Your total invoice at the end of the month will be dependent on the total number of email addresses you send to that month. If you don't send any emails there won't be an invoice.

For example, send to 10,000 emails in a month and your total bill will be 10,000 x $0.010 for $100. Then send to 100,000 emails in another month and your total bill will be 100,000 x $0.008 for $800.


Monthly Subscriber Plan

On the Monthly Subscriber Plan you pay for a subscriber tier that is based on your active subscribers calculated at the end of the month. Sending to new subscribers will activate those addresses and increase your pricing tier for 90 days, or until the addresses unsubscribe or hard bounce. 

For example, if you sent to 10,000 unique subscribers several times in a month, your active subscriber count is 10,000 subscribers which places you in the 5,001 - 10,000 tier for $75 per month. Then in another month your active subscribers grow to include more unique subscribers and you send to about 10,500 subscribers several times in a month. In this month, your active subscribers has grown to move into the 10,001 - 15,000 pricing tier for $125.00 per month. You will continue to pay $125 per month as long as your active subscribers remains between 10,001 - 15,000.


You can analyze your active subscriber growth using Subscribers > Insights. Download Subscribers Insights data to review how your active subscriber count has changed and review other helpful subscriber health metrics. Learn more