How to review email benchmark data

Join WordFly's benchmark program to compare your email marketing stats to similar organizations using WordFly. Compare opens, clicks, opt-outs, and campaign engagement rate. It’s completely anonymous. You can opt-out any time under Account > Account Options.

Topics covered in this article:

Join WordFly's benchmark data sharing program

How to review benchmark reporting



How to join WordFly's benchmark data sharing program


First, opt-in to the benchmark data sharing program.


1. Go to Account.


2. Select Account Options.


3. Check the box to Enable benchmark data sharing.


4. Save your Account Options.




How to review benchmark reporting


Go to Reporting > Compare Campaigns to compare your own data along with industry data from similar organizations.


1. Go to Reporting > Compare Campaigns.


2. Select Campaign Type, Labels, and your Date Range


3. Under “Compared against…” select what you would like to compare against.


4. Select Show Results


5. Review Results.

You will see your industry benchmark at the top of your campaign comparison report.