How do I download a report?

If you Export Data or Run a Report in WordFly you can download the final report in the Reporting section. Just follow these steps.


1. Go to Reporting > Reports + Data Manager

2. If you selected "Run Report" you'll find your PDF under Reports. If you selected "Export Data" you'll find your file under the tab Data Exports. Select the appropriate tab.



3. Under either tab, hover over the file name and select Download.

Selecting Download will save a copy of the file in your computer's designated "downloads" folder (this will differ based on your machine's download preference, most often the file can be found under your Start Menu > Computer > Downloads).

Depending on the download you're retrieving here you'll use a different program to open the file. If you're downloading a PDF you'll need Acrobat or a similar app to open the file. If you're downloading an export you'll need Microsoft Excel or similar app to open the file.

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