What survey options can I use in my emails?

WordFly can support any third party survey tool you would like to use in your emails. Survey responses do not go back to WordFly but this is something we have on our product development road map. Any clicks on survey links are sent back to WordFly for tracking and will appear under your Reporting click data.

Recommended Survey Tools

Survey Gizmo (http://www.surveygizmo.com/)




It's an established survey tool and allows for some personalization in the survey. The data won't be linked back to your CRM but you can easily send the survey out in the email and then view results separately in Survey Gizmo.


Google forms (http://www.google.com/google-d-s/createforms.html)




The form can be set up as a survey and appears as “anonymous”. However, you can add the subscriber’s “CRMSubscriberID” in the survey link which then identifies the survey responses to a specific subscriber in your CRM.


Example of “CRMSubscriberID” in Google form link:


WordFly will only record the clicks for the Google link with customer ID if the data field has the curly brackets removed. Learn more about best practices for personalized URL's.

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