How should I name my CSV files and Campaigns?

In the digital world it's important to name your files following naming convention best practices. WordFly’s media library actually does the work of renaming files that contain undesirable conventions. We do this so that your files work well across email clients.


We recommend reviewing this post for guidelines around naming your CSV files and Campaigns. Sometimes when a CSV file is named with special characters web applications like WordFly are not able to load them. When Campaigns contain special characters links can break because tracking adds the Campaign name to the email links and browsers or websites might have a hard time directing the link appropriately (oftentimes leading to a 404 page or breaking something like Google Analytic tracking).


Take note of these guidelines when you are naming your CSV files and Campaigns for WordFly.


Avoid the use of spaces. Use the underscore ( _ ) as a deliminator.


*This is important for CSV files only. Campaign names can have spaces and perform without issue.

Do: Carmen_2013.csv

Don't: Carmen production Fall season 2013.csv


Avoid special characters such as: ~`' " : ; ? < > , ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) + = \ | { } [ ]


*This is important for CSV files and Campaign naming.

Do: Carmens_2013_singleticketbuyer_list.csv, Carmen 2013 Announcement and discount

Don't: Carmen's_2013_singleticketbuyer_list.csv, Carmen’s 2013 Announcement | discount

Reason: Web applications like WordFly do not support uploading CSV files with special characters. Many email clients will not display images with special characters in the title because the character updates to the HTML equivalent, this breaks the file path. Also, when Campaign names have special characters in them this can break links because we add the campaign name in the link to send data back for Google Analytics. It could also break Google Analytics tracking.

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