Can I add attachments to my email?

In email marketing it's not possible (or advisable) to attach a document to a bulk marketing email. You can link to a file that lives on your website or is hosted publicly.

Topics covered in this article:

Why attachments are not allowed

Link to documents instead

How to link to a document in your email template


Why can’t I attach a document to my marketing email?

There are a couple reasons why this is not supported:

  • Attachments increase the size of your email and cannot be delivered if the attachment is over a certain file size.
  • ISP’s and many spam filters will block emails with attachments. Blocked emails result in lower deliverability which can turn into an IP block.




Instead, link to a document and see reporting results!

The alternative to attaching a file to your email is to link to that file in your email Template. With this solution you don’t need to monitor file size or worry about an ISP blocking you for an attachment because the file is now a link within your email. In addition, you can see reporting for that file under Reporting > Sent Campaigns (look for information under the "clicks" tab).

First, you will need to host your file on your web server or in another publicly accessible location.

You can also upload your file into WordFly’s Media library! Follow the steps in this support post to learn how to upload a new media file. Copy your file link from your media folder.




Add the file link to your email design

Quickly link to your hosted pdf or other file in your email design.


Follow these instructions to link to your document:

1. Open your email in Modern Editor.

4. Click on any image, text, or button block in your email.

5. Insert your document link in the href field.

You can add a redirect link to any image, text or button block in your email. Select the block you would like your document link to be assigned to.

  • For text blocks, highlight the portion of text you would link to link to and then select the link icon to add a link.
  • For Image and Button blocks, add your link to the 'href' field.


Enter your document link in the href field.

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