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Email client support for symbols in subject lines

Adding symbols to your email subject line



Email client support for emoji in subject lines

Emoji in subject lines is an excellent way to drive more engagement in the inbox. You'll help bring more personality to your email with a smiley face than just text alone. Most modern email clients have good support for emoji in subject lines, which is great news for email marketers. If the majority of your subscribers are reading email on mobile (e.g., iPhone or Android) and webmail (e.g., Gmail) then you’re in good company. 


Typically emoji rendering problems surface on older operating systems, like Windows XP. In email clients that don't support the emoji the subscriber will see something like a box (☐) or a question mark (?). It also depends on the emoji, too. Be sure to test how the emoji renders to be certain it works well for where your subscribers are viewing the email.


Email clients with limited emoji support:

  • Outlook 2003
  • Lotus
  • Blackberry devices


These websites provide emoji you can copy for your email subject lines:




Adding symbols to your email’s subject lines

WordFly has an in-app emoji picker to help add emoji to subject lines, as well as text and buttons. Follow these steps to add emoji to your email subject line:

1. Go to Emails > Email Campaigns.


2. Click on the name of your in progress email campaign.


3. You'll be on the Settings tab of your email campaign.


4. Select the Emoji link in the subject line to pick an emoji.


5. You emoji will display in the subject line field. Finish typing in the rest of your subject line.


6. Click Save on the Settings tab of the campaign.


6. Test your email across multiple email clients to ensure the emoji renders appropriately.