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Kelly Sutter
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This article describes our new way to customize the Forward pages in your account, launched in 2021. If you are using older pages and links, we recommend following the steps below to upgrade to the new version.



How it works

All WordFly starter emails have a Forward link added the Footer section. Forward to a Friend is the best way to forward an email onto another recipient because it sends a properly formatted HTML email to the next email address. Using the forward button in an email client like Outlook will send a distorted version of the original email. 


The new recipient is not added to a list when they receive a forwarded email and any opens/clicks or other email responses are not recorded. Each subscriber is allowed a maximum of 10 Forwards for the email they received. You can view how many people forwarded your email in the Sharing tab of the campaign’s reporting results.


What to expect

  • To prevent robots from forwarding your emails, we’ve added a ReCAPTCHA field to the form
  • For additional protection, we’ve limited forwarding to only one address at a time. Click “Forward again” on the confirmation page to quickly send to another address.
  • It is no longer possible for a subscriber to include their own message in the forwarded email
  • The forward page is not published by default

  • Forward links in archive URLs are not active and do not allow subscribers to forward any emails to friends



Customize your Forward pages


1. Go to Pages > Forward

2. To customize the Form page, click Edit. Update your logo. Customize your content and colors.
Here are some common design adjustments you may want to make.

3. To customize the Confirmation page, click Edit. Update your logo. Customize your content and colors.

4. On the Settings tab, customize the forward message

5. Save and Publish


—When you are ready to completely switch to these new pages—

6. Click the Use as Default button
Once selected, any new emails created from a WordFly starter email will point to the new pages. In the editing tool, it will also switch the Add Link UI to point to your new pages. Update any existing custom starter emails with the new link.



Add the Forward link to your email

Forwarding is linked to a specific email, so you must link to the page from a test email or live email campaign. The link must contain the SubscriberID code (?sid=##subscriberMailingId##).


1. If you haven’t already published your pages, go to Pages > Forward. Click Publish to push your pages live to the web.

2. In your email, scroll down to the Forward link in your footer. Double-click it to open the link window.

3. In the Add/Edit link window, click Browse Pages to access your unique link

4. Select your Forward page from the grid. The “Associate page responses with subscribers” checkbox must remain selected.

5. Save your email


Screenshot of Browse Pages window with the Forward row highlighted