Can I send an email without an Unsubscribe link?

Sorry, but sending an email without a valid unsubscribe link or your organization name and business address violates the WordFly Terms and Acceptable Use Policy as well as United States CAN-SPAM law and Canada's CASL law. Not only is it really bad form, but not including an unsubscribe link with definitely cause you some heartache in the deliverability department. So, let our stance on this be clear:


No, you cannot send an email through WordFly without an unsubscribe link. 

You don’t have to use the WordFly unsubscribe link, but you do need to have some way to people to unsubscribe. You cannot require subscribers to provide you with additional information to unsubscribe. Make unsubscribing easy, transparent, and authentic.


If the WordFly unsubscribe link isn’t present in your email, you’ll see a red X when you are testing your email on the Email Checklist page.


In the event that WordFly is not recognizing your valid opt-out mechanism (e.g., your organization processes unsubscribe requests manually with a mailto link), WordFly will not prohibit you from sending the campaign.


WordFly will still let you send out your campaign, but you should think twice about what you’re doing if you don’t have an a valid unsubscribe link of some sort. Please review the WordFly Acceptable Use Policy for more information.




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