Why is my organization name and address missing?

When you're testing your campaign it's important to note any issues (noted by red Xs) you might find in the "Full Review." Generally, you'll want to go back and address any of the issues that WordFly has found. However, if you've noticed a red X that says you're missing your organization name and address, you might be able to ignore this warning. 




WordFly is looking for an exact match to your address in the Best Practices section of Account > Email Settings.

If you have modified the information in your template and it doesn't match what you may have entered in the account section then you'll see a warning here.

You can update your account settings by going to:

Account > Email Settings

WordFly is only warning you that this element doesn't match what is in the Account section.  If the information in your template is correct then it's alright to send the Campaign.

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