Inbox Preview: Testing emails across 50+ email clients

Test your email across 50+ email clients with Inbox Preview. We've packed the top desktop, mobile, and webmail clients right into WordFly, so you can look at your emails without ever leaving your browser.

Topics covered in this article:

Inbox Preview pricing plans

How to send a test with Inbox Preview

Reviewing SpamAssassin results




Inbox Preview plans available


Inbox Preview: Basic Plan

The Basic Plan comes with every WordFly account. We’ll give you 50 free previews each month with WordFly. When you send your tests, you’ll see how many credits you have remaining on your account for that month. When you've reached your limit for the month, you can't send more tests.


Inbox Preview: Unlimited Plan

The Unlimited Plan is available to every account, you can choose to upgrade to unlimited previews anytime. Go to Account > Inbox Previews and click Upgrade Now to select the unlimited plan. The plan is effective immediately, and you will be billed each month unless you decide to return to the basic plan.




How to send a test with Inbox Preview


See how your email looks in 50+ email clients like Gmail, Yahoo!, and Outlook. Just send one test, then flip through the previews. 


What to expect with Inbox Preview tests:

  • Each email client you select (e.g., Outlook 2013, Gmail in Firefox, or SpamAssassin) counts as one preview.
  • A limited number of free previews are offered for the basic plan. When you send your tests, you’ll see how many credits you have remaining on your account for that month.
  • Upgrade to unlimited previews anytime. Go to Account > Inbox Preview pricing plan for details.
  • SpamAssassin scans your email for a spam rating. Learn more
  • If results do not come back in a few minutes, email WordFly support to let us know.



1. Go to Emails > Email Campaigns.


2. Open your In Progress email campaign.

3. Click on the Testing tab of the email campaign.


4. Under the Inbox Preview section, select Send a new test.


5. Select the tests you wish to view by adjusting the toggles for email clients.


6. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Start test.

The page will process the tests and within a few minutes you should see your tests come back as a preview.


7. Preview your tests by clicking on the blue links or using the arrow.


Click on the Testing tab of the email campaign to return to the Testing section.




Reviewing SpamAssassin results


You have the option to send a SpamAssassin test in WordFly's Inbox Preview tool.


In your email campaign, select the Testing tab, scroll down to the Inbox Preview section and select Send a new test. On the selection screen, at the bottom, check the box for SpamAssassin and then click the button Start Test.


The test will run, and a score will return. Scores between 0-3 are best and mean your email will have great deliverability. Any score above 6.3 will likely trigger a spam block at the receiving ISP. It is possible to receive negative scores! Any score below 0 is perfectly acceptable.


Note: Only the HTML version is sent, this returns results that the message is missing a text version,  "Your email doesn't include a plain text alternative to your HTML content. It's best practice to always include a plain text part in your email."



Understanding how SpamAssassin works

SpamAssassin applies some rules and filters to your email message to determine if it is spam or not. It is mainly looking at the body or header fields of the message to make a decision. The content of the email is not reviewed. Header content includes details about your DKIM record, IP address, and the WordFly SPF. These elements are all part of your WordFly infrastructure that we manage for you.


You might be testing an email you have concerns about. If the score results are not indicating an issue, that is good! Overall your message should have good deliverability.


SpamAssassin is a good general test to start and then run your own tests to various ISP accounts to see how your email gets through. ISPs all filter differently. Paid for email service such as Comcast always filter more vigorously. Gmail is great for content filter testing. Read more about how to stay out of the spam folder here.