How can I send a message to my stakeholders in my test email?

You can add a quick note to test emails that are being reviewed by stakeholders in your organization by using WordFly’s Forward to a Friend feature.


Using Forward to a Friend to send a testing note


'Forward to a Friend' is a dynamic link in your email template that allows a subscriber to send a version of their email onto a friend's email address. A quick note can be added to the top of the Forward email to let the friend know why they are receiving it. This is a great feature for testing emails internally. Use the Forward link to send the email onto a group of stakeholders with a quick message stating testing notes for what to review.


Follow these instructions to use the Forward to a Friend feature for testing:

1. Add Forward to a Friend to your WordFly Template.


Use this dynamic link for the 'Forward to a Friend' link:


2. Save your Template.

3. In your Campaign, click on the Testing tab.


4. Click on Send a test email.

Send a test email to yourself first.


5. Open the email in your inbox, click on the Forward to a Friend link.



6. Include a short note in the Forward to a Friend page. 

You might include a quick message here to your stakeholders asking for feedback.

Example, adding a note...


7. Click Send!


Recipients will receive a version of the test email you received with your short message.





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