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About Email Checklist

How to use Email Checklist


Use the Testing tab > Email Checklist in your email campaign as part of your testing process.



About Email Checklist

Email Checklist is available under the Testing tab of any email campaign. We’ll show you any required elements that might be missing, like your organization name and address or unsubscribe link. We’ll also review your links, images, and dynamic tags. A green check mark means that those elements look good to go. If you see a red X, there’s something to review. 


While this is a helpful review, it shouldn’t replace sending a test email to review your email rendering and links, or using subscriber preview to test data field or conditional block personalization.




How to use Email Checklist


1. Go to Email > Email Campaigns and open your campaign


2. Click the Testing tab


3. Click the Email Checklist button


You will see columns for HTML and Text depending on what you've created for your design. The HTML column refers to your Modern Editor or HTML version of your email. The Text column is for your plain text version of the email. If only one column is present, it means that your email only exists as that version.



Click Preview near the top of the screen to access the preview. Use the slider to move between desktop, tablet, and mobile previews of your email. Click the cloud icon to download your email as an image of any width.


Required Elements

Pay special attention to this first section. Your emails must have an unsubscribe link and organization name and postal address to meet US and Canadian law. If either of these has a red X, your unsubscribe link might be missing or your organization name and postal address may not match your Account > Email Settings



Double check that all your links are correct. Make sure all your links use the same protocols for consistency (HTTPS or HTTP). Click links to test redirects. If you see need-url this means that the link field is missing a link. You can also name your links to help with reviewing your click results later in WordFly Reporting or in Google Analytics. You can untrack a link here as well. Be sure to click Save if you add a link name or change link tracking.



Check your image URLs here. You’ll see a link for each image in your email design.



In the last section, you'll see any conditional blocks or hand-coded dynamic tags. Double check that your tag if/then statements are correct. Use subscriber preview to test personalization.