Test emails are not arriving

You've sent a test email through WordFly and it's not showing up in your inbox. There are some simple things to check first that should eliminate the problem.


Troubleshooting test emails not arriving in the inbox:


Step 1: Check your spam folder.

Step 2: Company wide spam filter.

Step 3: Are you unsubscribed?

Step 4: Is there a WordFly service disruption?



Check your spam folder.

Sometimes your test emails can sneak into spam (or junk) folder. This could happen if the word "Test" was included in the test subject line.


Recommended solutions:

  • Try adding your organizations From/Reply to address(es) in WordFly to your safe senders list.
  • If possible, have your IT team whitelist your From/Reply to address(es) in WordFly to avoid something like this in the future.



Company wide spam filter.

It's very common for organizations to have strict spam filters to protect the organization from receiving emails that could harm the infrastructure of the company. This is a good thing but it can be so strict that it blocks WordFly emails. Your WordFly emails are configured to look like they are sent from your company email server when in fact the emails are sent from WordFly servers. This can be a flag to your company's spam filter which causes the WordFly email to be blocked.


Recommended solutions:

  • Each organization using WordFly gets a dedicated IP address, having your IT team whitelist this IP in the company spam filter may help. If you don't know your dedicated IP address just email us and we'll let you know.



Are you unsubscribed?

If you've checked the last two possible issues and you're still not receiving test emails you'll want to check that the you didn't unsubscribe from a previous email. Once you unsubscribe globally from emails you are unsubscribed from all moving forward.


You can use the Subscriber Search feature in WordFly to look up your email and confirm your sending status:

1. Go to Subscribers > Subscriber Search

2. Look up your subscriber address

3. Hover over the right side of your result and click on the 'select' button

4. Review your subscriber profile for flagged events


Learn more about reviewing your sending status and overriding flagged events:



Is there a WordFly service disruption?

Rarely, there might be a WordFly service disruption. Follow us on our status pages to keep up on any issues that could be blocking test emails from getting through. Learn more here: WordFly service disruptions.



Still not able to resolve the issue...

If you've gone through these 4 points and you still aren't seeing test emails come through please Email us to find out what it is.





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