Dynamic Tags: making sure dynamic tags work (best practices)

Dynamic tags are a great option for personalizing your email template content easily without sending out multiple templates with different information.

Topics covered in this article:

Best practices for dynamic tags

Testing your dynamic tags

Learn more about dynamic tags and personalization



Best practices for dynamic tags

Data fields casing in dynamic tags.

Dynamic tags always use data fields to key off the if/then logic. Data fields can also be used in the "then" statement to further personalize the content being delivered. In order for the data field to work properly it must be added exactly as it is in Subscribers > Data Fields. Data fields are case sensitive. Your casing must match.



HTML in dynamic tags.

WordFly supports valid HTML within dynamic tags. Make sure to read through all of the best practices listed in this post to understand the boundaries. If your HTML contains headlines, subheads, links, buttons, and image references then consider using a data field in your dynamic tag instead to pull in the custom HTML from your list data.


Here's an example of a dynamic tag with a data field, the data fields are ##Next Shows## and ##Non Subscriber upsell language##:


{{if(##Subscriber## == 2013) then (We look forward to seeing you at ##Next Show##.) endif else(##Non Subscriber upsell language##) endelse}}


Links in dynamic tags.

Use valid HTML to add a link in your dynamic tag.


Do this
{{if(##Continent## == Australia) then (<a href="https://wordflyevents.webex.com/wordflyevents/onstage/g.php?t=1">Register</a>) endelse}}

Don’t do this
{{if(##Continent## == Australia) then (<"https://wordflyevents.webex.com/wordflyevents/onstage/g.php?t=1">Register)endelse}}

Remove spaces from your links.  

Spaces can sometimes be interpreted as "%20" which might break the tag.  


Do this
{{if(##City## == Seattle) then (http://media.wordfly.com/mctommerson/City/Seattle_neighborhood_party.png) endif else(We will let you know when a Neighborhood party is coming to your city!) endelse}}

Don’t do this
{{if(##City## == Seattle) then (http://media.wordfly.com/mctommerson/City/Seattle%20neighborhood%20party.png) endif else(We will let you know when a Neighborhood party is coming to your city!) endelse}}


Remove any unnecessary special characters from your dynamic tag.

Symbols "&" and "()" and “!” can break your dynamic tag. Try using dashes instead of parentheses and periods instead of exclamation points.


Do this
{{if(##First Name## == ) then (Hello,) endif else(##First Name##) endelse}}

Don’t do this
{{if(##First Name## == ) then (Hello!) endif else(##First Name##) endelse}}


Remove extra spaces that appear for conditions.

When paragraph tags surround conditional content there is default spacing in the paragraph style that will add space to each condition.

To remove this space from the paragraph style:

1. From your block, click on STYLES.

2. Select the paragraph element.

3. Select Adjust spacing.

4. Remove any margin that is set. There is default margin bottom on all paragraphs.


Review the text version of your email template as well.

Dynamic tags will work in your text version but should always be tested.


Use Testing > Full Review to check dynamic links.

If there's an error, the link won't track.


Making tags longer.

You can manually edit tags to make them longer since our tool only allows 4 alternates. Just find the pattern of the tag and add it to the end of the tag before the end "else() endelse}}".


Editing existing tags.

You can manually edit Dynamic Tags without making a new tag. You can do this directly in your email design. You can also have the tag in separate email designs and edit them completely differently without having one change the other.




Testing your dynamic tags: Use Subscriber Preview or update your Default Test List data to send a personalized test


Test your dynamic tags work in any email campaign under the Testing tab in one of two ways:

  1. In your email campaign, go to Testing > Subscriber Preview.
  2. Or, update your Default Test List to send a personalized test.


Learn more about these options in this support post: Testing personalization with Subscriber Preview




Learn more about dynamic tags and personalization


We've put together support posts about all our personalization features.




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