Can I schedule two emails go out at the same time?

Can I schedule two emails go out at the same time?

Yes! You can schedule multiple email campaigns to go out around the same time.

We recommend staggering Email Campaign deployment times in WordFly. This helps with processing all the subscriber list data and ensuring each Campaign deployment initiates and completes as expected.

Plan to give a 3-5 minute buffer between scheduled deployments (both Standard and Triggered Campaign types).


How can I tell when my Email Campaign has sent?

Your campaign's sending status can be checked under Campaigns > View Campaigns.

1. Go to Email > Email Campaigns


2. Review the Status column to the right of the Name column

A campaign can be one of three statuses: In Progress, Scheduled and Sent. If you're waiting to send another campaign manually, you'll want to make sure the status is Sent on the most recently deployed campaign.


To be sure it has sent out you can check the Campaign Summary page on the Sent campaign.


3. Click on any 'Sent' campaign name


4. This will open the Summary page.

Does the Campaign say "This campaign has been sent to ..."? Great, it's been sent out! You can manually send another list.




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