Lotus Notes rendering tips

Lotus Notes email client is one of the more frustrating ones out there. Lotus Notes can do some strange things with an HTML email and is very finicky when it comes to tables. Just try to keep your layouts simple as much as possible. It's used by larger companies, if you have a number of subscribers in this category you might want to do some extra testing before sending your campaigns.

Here are some of the common pain points reported by Lotus notes email users:

1. Red Boxes around Images in Lotus Notes Email

Usually, this is caused by the absence of an absolute url for the image. And absolute url contains https and www, example "(http://www.app.wordfly.com/imagefolder/logo.png). Lotus Notes basically converts the image into Notes Rich Text and the image isn't present in the Notes Database. In other situations, and depending on the version of Lotus Notes, you may see a text representation of that image, example [Image]. This may be caused by a space in the image url or image name. The easiest ay to troubleshoot is to look at the image path and see if there are any breaks (spaces) in the image.


2. Strange boxes or lines in Lotus Notes

If you're seeing a border or line around your image, the majority of the time this is caused by using a gif image type. You can try removing the background in the gif or you can change the file type to jpeg which will work much better.


3. Tables in Lotus Notes are overlooked

If your email looks fantastic in other email clients but "fills the entire page" and distorts in Lotus Notes, this is due to LN completely ignoring HTML coding during rendering. LN tends to ignore TABLE tags, nested TABLE tags, and TABLE tags that are not kept within another table. Try using one master table to constrain your entire email and add a padding of about 5 so that the email doesn't hit "compose" or "inbox".


4. Lotus Notes disregards styles

You might notice text looking really huge or very small in Lotus Notes, if you're using a stylesheet for your email this is because LN doesn't pay attention to css. Actually, this is generally true of most web based email clients so it's a good idea to avoid using stylesheets in your HTML emails.


5. Anchor tags usually don't work in Lotus Notes

Lotus Notes just things the "href" is a link to a document and tries to open it up, there's no work around for this behavior right now.


If you need us to take a look at how things are rendering in Lotus Notes just email us or submit a question!



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