How do I set up an abuse@ or postmaster@ address?

Your IT team should be able to create an abuse@yoursendingdomain and postmaster@yoursendingdomain mailboxes. Many users opt to have these mailboxes redirect emails to another mailbox for monitoring. For example, both might redirect to the info mailbox or a communications manager. 

Topics covered in this article:

Why do I need an abuse@ and postmaster@ mailbox?

Register your addresses with


Why are these emails important?

There are a few reasons these mailboxes are important.

1. ISP's (Internet Service Providers) expect that you have these mailboxes set up.

Improve your email sender reputation and inbox delivery rates by creating these addresses. Our deliverability partners will send emails to these addresses periodically to see if you respond. Responding in a timely manner to abuse and postmaster requests shows that you are a responsible sender, i.e., not a spammer.

2. Yahoo! feedback loop

Yahoo! requires the postmaster address to exist in order to activate a feedback loop with them. Don't worry, we'll help you through this set up step! Feedback loops send abuse complaints (spam reports) back to WordFly to be unsubscribed from your list. Every ISP's feedback loop is set up differently, we've got everyone else covered and we'll help you complete the Yahoo FBL.

3. Some savvy subscribers might email you through these addresses

There are nerds out there that might email one of these addresses to report an issue or request to be unsubscribed from your email list.


Is there anything else?

Optional but recommended: You can register your addresses with, a contact database for reporting abusive mailing practices. To register your contact addresses with, you'll need to:
• Send a plain text email to
• Include the addresses you are registering in the following format: Name of the domain, a colon, and the addresses, all on one line separated by spaces.
• Please say if you're providing info on domains you're responsible for or for ones you've researched.
• Please set your mail program to send plain text rather than HTML mail.
• The entry for a domain automatically includes subdomains, so if the contact info for is the same as for, do not send separate entries.

Subject: Registering addresses for [DOMAIN NAME]


I'm responsible for these addresses for the DOMAIN domain name. The abuse and postmaster accounts are actively monitored.

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