What are abuse complaints?

Abuse complaints occur when subscribers click the “This is Spam” button in their email application.  Abuse complaints are automatically unsubscribed in WordFly and in Tessitura.


Abuse complaints received from ISP’s are automatically unsubscribed from your list through a feedback loop. WordFly automatically signs you up for all of the feedback loops available from participating ISP's.  You can learn more more information about feedback loops here.


If you start seeing large numbers of abuse complaints (over 2-3%) you should be concerned. There might be a number of reasons for this to increase. We can work with you to review your email strategy and see where we can make improvements.

Topics covered in this article:

How will abuse complaints appear in new list imports

Reviewing abuse complaints in a Campaign

Overriding an accidental abuse complaint




How will abuse complaints appear in future list imports?


Abuse complaint addresses that are included in new list imports will be suppressed from the list. These addresses will not appear as import issues on the List Summary page. You can export your list import issues to review addresses that were flagged as abuse complaints. Learn more.




How can you see abuse complaints in your campaign?


There are two ways you can see abuse complaints in your campaign.


Option 1: Export Campaign Event Data


1. Go to Reporting > Export Data


2. Select Campaign Event Data



Select the data you wish to pull.  This will give you a list of subscribers who clicked the "Spam" button.



Option 2: Review the campaign's reporting page under the unsubscribe tab




 Click on the magnifying glass to see the addresses of the subscribers who clicked on the "spam" button.




How can you overwrite an accidental abuse complaint?


Learn how to reverse an accidental abuse complaint.





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