What is Return Path Certification?

Successfully reaching the inbox doesn't happen by accident. WordFly's longstanding partnership with Return Path, the leader in email reputation management, can help you achieve the highest inbox deliverability possible.

As part of our partnership, you can join their Certification program. You'll gain access to the largest email whitelist in the industry with coverage for over 2 billion inboxes worldwide.


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What is Return Path Certification and the top reasons to become Certified

Return Path Certification Application and Pricing

How to get started with Return Path Certification as a WordFly customer



Learn more about Return Path Certification and the top reasons to become Certified


WordFly partners with Return Path to help monitor and manage your IP sending reputation. Becoming Return Path Certified is the highest level of Internet Service Provider (ISP) whitelisting and email reputation security you can get as an email marketer.


All of the major ISP’s have complaint (and other) thresholds and if you exceed that threshold you can be blocked from sending email to them temporarily. Return Path Certification can give you a better understanding of your sending IP and alert you if you are in danger of going over the thresholds. One of the many great benefits of their program is the enhanced deliverability to Microsoft and Comcast domains. In fact, Microsoft uses Return Path Certification as their whitelisting service.


Top 4 reasons to become Return Path Certified:

  1. Increase your ROI. More messages reaching the inbox means more opens and clicks which equal higher sales and conversions.
  2. Beat the Benchmarks. Average users see a 20%-44% increase in deliverability and/or engagement data. A solid email strategy matched with Sender Score Certification can lift your email metrics to new heights.
  3. 2 Billion (and growing) Inboxes. Gain access to the largest whitelist in the industry and the highest level of reputation security.
  4. Monitoring. Head off blocking issues before they start. Certification provides daily email updates and online tools to monitor your sender reputation.


User Case Studies from the Return Path Blog:



Return Path Certification Application and Pricing


WordFly customers sending on a dedicated IP for at least 90 days can apply for Return Path Certification. There are a few other requirements which we will review with you before applying.


WordFly customers sending on a shared IP for at least 90 days can apply for Return Path Domain Certification. This is the same level of Certification dedicated senders can receive. We'll review the requirements with you before applying.


*Are you sending from a dedicated or shared IP? We can verify this for you anytime by reaching out to support@wordfly.com.



The application process is started and completed by the organization applying for Return Path Certification. WordFly will provide a customized checklist guide to help you get started with the application and reviews what to expect in the process.


The application fee for both non-profit and commercial senders is waived using our partner promo code. Please make sure to reach out to us before applying to receive an application guide so that you have the promo code; otherwise, you may be charged the $400 USD application fee.



Non-profit organizations sending less than 250,000 emails per month will receive FREE annual Certification. Non-profits and Commercial organizations sending more than 250,000 emails per month will fall into one of the billable Certification annual pricing tiers based on sending volume. Pricing information can be found here.



Return Path will monitor your sending on a daily basis to ensure you are still in compliance with their Certification Standards. Learn more about Certification Standards here.



How to get started with Return Path Certification as a WordFly customer


When you decide to apply, please email us first. We have a guide that will help you fill out the application.





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