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Successfully reaching the inbox doesn't happen by accident. WordFly’s longstanding partnership with Return Path, the leader in email reputation management, can help you achieve the highest inbox deliverability possible. As part of our partnership, you can join their Certification program. You’ll gain access to the largest email program in the industry with coverage for over 2 billion inboxes worldwide.


Learn more about Return Path Certification and the top reasons to become Certified

WordFly partners with Return Path to help monitor and manage your IP sending reputation. All of the major ISPs have complaint (and other) thresholds and if you exceed that threshold you can be blocked from sending email to them temporarily. Return Path Certification can give you a better understanding of your sending IP and alert you if you are in danger of going over the thresholds. One of the many great benefits of their program is the enhanced deliverability to Microsoft and Comcast domains.


Top 4 reasons to become Return Path Certified:

  1. Increase your ROI. More messages reaching the inbox means more opens and clicks which equal higher sales and conversions.
  2. Beat the Benchmarks. Average users see a 20%-44% increase in deliverability and/or engagement data. A solid email strategy matched with Sender Score Certification can lift your email metrics to new heights.
  3. 2 Billion (and growing) Inboxes. Gain access to the largest email monitoring program in the industry and the highest level of reputation security.
  4. Monitoring. Head off blocking issues before they start. Certification provides daily email updates and online tools to monitor your sender reputation.


User Case Studies from the Return Path Blog:



Return Path Certification Application and Pricing

WordFly customers sending on a dedicated IP for at least 90 days can apply for Return Path Certification. There are a few other requirements which we will review with you before applying.


WordFly customers sending on a shared IP for at least 90 days can apply for Return Path Domain Certification. This is the same level of Certification dedicated senders can receive. We'll review the requirements with you before applying.


*Are you sending from a dedicated or shared IP? We can verify this for you anytime by reaching out to



The application process is started and completed by the organization applying for Return Path Certification. Start here,


When you decide to apply, please let us know. We can provide your WordFly IP address for the application process.



Pricing is based on monthly sending volume. Return Path will review pricing with your team when you start the application process.



Return Path will monitor your sending on a daily basis to ensure you are still in compliance with their Certification Standards. Learn more about Certification Standards here.



Reading the Return Path Certification Report

The report you receive every day when you're Return Path Certified is called the Daily Performance Report (DPR) and shows a breakdown of abuse complaints received from the major ISPs.


The data in the DPR is an aggregate of the last 30 days. You might notice sometimes you'll be in "yellow" or "red" for a particular ISP. Generally this happens if you go over the abuse complaint limit that’s outlined in the report for that ISP.


The data in the DPR does not match abuse complaint data logged in WordFly. The DPR receives complaint information from various avenues. WordFly only receives complaint information from one avenue: the ISP Feedback Loop. Both are accurate.


The DPR reports on complaints received when subscribers:

  • Click the junk or spam button in their email application
  • Send a message complaining about a sender to the mailbox provider’s postmaster group
  • Send a complaint to a filtering application or blocklist such as Spam Cop
  • Vote an email as junk during a Sender Reputation Data survey (Microsoft only)



What really matters when you review your DPR?

You don’t really need to worry too much about these rates for a couple of reasons:

  • WordFly unsubscribes abuse complaints right away through the Feedback Loops that we have set up with all the ISPs. 
  • Return Path's reports show an aggregated total over 30 days.

Pay attention to your Sender Score and your abuse complaint "trending".


SENDER SCORE Your Sender Score is a rating for your overall email sending reputation. Good/high scores have better inbox placement, bad/low score indicate ISP deliverability issues. Check your sender score status anytime by using the "look up" tool at
TRENDING Trending refers to how your abuse complaint rates do over time. Abuse complaint rates in the red for 10 or more days may lead to a reputation problem. Otherwise the DPR rates are small percentages that are not enough to hurt sending reputation.