Set up WordFly–Altru queries

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Kelly Sutter
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In order for our services to interact with queries in Altru, a query category and ad-hoc query will need to be created in Altru.


#1 // Set up a query category in Altru

This query category will be used in the Ad-hoc query below to indicate which queries you would like to view inside WordFly.

  1. In Altru, go to Administration > Code Tables
  2. Find Query
  3. Click Query Category
  4. To add a category, click Add
  5. On the New Table Entry screen, enter a description of the new category.
    We recommend “WordFly List Query”
  6. Click Save

WordFly-Altru-ad-hoc-query- category-01.png


#2 // Set up an “Ad-hoc query” in Altru

The Ad-hoc query will define which constituent queries are available to WordFly. The name will be entered in the Ad-hoc query name field in WordFly > Account > Altru. The name cannot contain spaces.

  1. In Altru, go to Analysis > Information Library

  2. Click Add an ad-hoc query

  3. In the Select a Source View window, click “Ad hoc queries”
  4. In the Select Ad-hoc Queries fields column, click Query Category and add it to the top “Include records where” section

    The query criteria should read:
    Query Category is equal to WordFly List Query

    All constituent queries intended for use in WordFly will be added to this Query Category.

  5. In the "Results fields to display" section, add all six of the following fields in this exact order:

    • Ad-hoc Query record
    • Name
    • Description
    • Query category
    • Type
    • Last run on




  6. In the Set save options tab, enter a name and click Save

    We recommend the name “WordFly_Lists”




#3 // Enter “Ad-hoc query name” in WordFly

WordFly will use this ad-hoc query name when displaying constituent ad-hoc queries. The name should not include any spaces.

  1. After logging into WordFly, browse to Account > Altru from the Account landing page

  2. Enter the Ad-hoc query name you set up above: WordFly_Lists


  3. Click Save