Set up WordFly–Altru queries

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Kelly Sutter
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In order for our services to interact with queries in Altru, a query category and ad-hoc query will need to be created in Altru.


#1 // Set up a query category in Altru

This query category will be used in the Ad-hoc query below to indicate which queries you would like to view inside WordFly.

  1. In Altru, go to Administration > Code Tables
  2. Find Query
  3. Click Query Category
  4. To add a category, click Add
  5. On the New Table Entry screen, enter a description of the new category and click Save

WordFly-Altru-ad-hoc-query- category-01.png

We recommend “WordFly List Query”


#2 // Set up an “Ad-hoc query” in Altru

The Ad-hoc query will define which constituent queries are available to WordFly. The name will be entered in the Ad-hoc query name field in WordFly > Account > Altru. The name cannot contain spaces.

  1. In Altru, go to Analysis > Information Library

  2. Click Add an ad-hoc query

  3. From select source view, select “ad hoc query”
  4. The query should include records where Query Category is equal to (the query category from step 1 above). All constituent queries intended for use in WordFly will be added to this Query Category.

  5. The query must contain the following result fields:

    • Ad-hoc Query record
    • Name
    • Description
    • Query category
    • Type
    • Last run on
  6. Set save options and click Save


We recommend “WordFly_Lists”


Preview your results


Set your save options


#3 // Enter “Ad-hoc query name” in WordFly

WordFly will use this ad-hoc query name when displaying constituent ad-hoc queries. The name should not include any spaces.

  1. After logging into WordFly, browse to Account > Altru from the Account landing page

  2. Enter the Ad-hoc query name you set up above

  3. Click Save