What’s new: Fall 2023

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Kelly Sutter
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Updated grid views

By request! When you select filters or filter by name on a grid view, we’ll now remember your choices until you click the Clear Filters link. You can even log out. We’ll still remember.




This feature is available on the following pages: 

  • Email Campaigns, SMS Campaigns, Sent Campaigns
  • Emails, Workflows, Pages, Blocks, Starter Emails 


A big thank you to Fred Kenny and Lottie Jackson-Eeles at The National Gallery for your request.



September 2023

  • Dashlane users
    We resolved the issue where the Dashlane browser plug-in interfered with the WordFly UI in certain places.
  • Permissions
    We improved the interface for people without Reporting permission and Manage Users permission. Features that cannot be accessed are no longer shown, instead of logging you out when clicked.
  • Triggered campaigns
    Any triggered campaigns that fail to send will now display “This campaign has been sent to 0” on the Send step.
  • Editor optimization
    We optimized the code that occasionally prevented the saving of email and page designs.


October 2023

  • Labels
    Fixed an error that occurred when adding labels from grid views
  • Grid Views
    Improved grid results when using a dropdown filter after searching by name
  • Editors
    Resolved issue where Save button activated as soon as you hovered on a block
  • Account
    Refreshed the design for the Account Dashboard. The legacy Subscribe and Unsubscribe pages can now only be accessed from this page.


November 2023

  • Select an Account Owner
    On the Organization Info page, each organization will be asked to select one account owner. Once selected, only the account owner can transfer ownership to another person.
  • Workflows
    Optimized list imports for the List Activity trigger
  • Subscriber Lists grid
    Added Rename to the submenu
  • Permissions
    Improved UI for people who don’t have permission to access a feature
  • Grid Views
    Improved arrow behavior