Altru integration checklist for beta users

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Kirk Bentley
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Thank you for helping us test the WordFly–Altru integration. Your experience and feedback is critical to ensuring the two systems work together the way you need them to.

Please be sure to take a few notes (especially the first time you use the integration) and let us know about your experience. What works? What could be better? What didn’t make sense? It is all helpful! 

A few things to keep in mind before you dive in. The beta version of the WordFly–Altru integration currently supports standard and automated email campaigns. Over the coming months, we’ll be adding support for automated email workflows using data imported from Altru.

#1 // Integration setup

  • Complete the integration between WordFly and Altru
  • Connect your account and complete the setup process
  • Share any pain points or issues during the setup

Follow these steps →


#2 // User setup

  • Log into WordFly
  • Complete the authorization step on the Your Profile page
  • Share any pain points or issues during the setup

Follow these steps →


#3 // Functionality check

  • Test all integration features, such as selecting a query, importing a list, etc.
  • Ensure that all buttons, links, and tabs related to the integration function as expected in both WordFly and Altru
  • Send or schedule a campaign

Follow these steps →


#4 // Data synchronization

  • Ensure that data flows seamlessly between WordFly and Altru
  • Monitor for any delays or data mismatches. Email responses can take up to 30 minutes to appear in Altru.
  • Are you seeing data from WordFly where you’d expect it? If not, what could WordFly and Altru improve?
  • Check if the integration affects the performance of Altru and/or other integrations connected to your Altru instance. For example, what happens to your ticketing site when you send a large email?


#5 // Documentation and support

  • Review the WordFly documentation and help guides
  • Does everything make sense? Are there topics that need more details? Are we using the right words?
  • Test out our support channels regarding the integration. How efficient and helpful is the response?