Set up WordFly–Altru service user communication

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Kelly Sutter
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In order for our services to interact with Altru, a service user will need to be created both in WordFly and in Altru. This service user is used for background or “offline” processing to send data back to Altru.


#1 // Set up a user in Altru

  1. In Altru, go to Administration > Application users

  2. Click the Add button

  3. Create a user, for example:altru-new-user.png

  4. Click Save & Invite

    • At least one role must be selected in order to proceed.

  5. An email should arrive to confirm the email address. Click the link and follow the prompts.

  6. Log in to the Altru web client to confirm authentication


#2 // Set up a user in WordFly

This is required to provide access to the WordFly application. Learn more →

  1. In WordFly, log in as a user who has “Manage users” permissions

  2. Go to Account > Users page

  3. Click Add a new user

  4. Complete the new user form and select all permissions boxes

  5. Click the Save button to add the new user

  6. An email will be sent to the new user with login details. The email has the subject line Welcome to WordFly and the from/reply-to address is


#3 // Authorize the Altru user in WordFly

After the WordFly User and Altru User are both set up, you can complete the user registration with WordFly. This one-time user authorization step is required to access to the API.

  1. Log in to the WordFly application with your WordFly user login credentials

  2. Set a new password and agree to the terms of use

  3. Click your name in the upper-right corner to access Your Profile


  4. Click the button to authorize with Altru


  5. Follow the prompts to authorize WordFly to access Blackbaud data. This step will take place on Blackbaud servers.

  6. Once authorized, the profile page will reflect that status



#4 // Select the Altru service user in WordFly

  1. After logging in, browse to Account > Altru

  2. Select an Altru service user from the dropdown

    This user’s security permissions are used when performing background processing, e.g., sending constituent appeal responses back to Altru.

  3. Click Save